Electroporation Workshop 2015 : from basics                          knowledge to industry
                           14-15 Apr 2015 Toulouse (France)


'COST is supported by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020’

The workshop is co-organized by COST TD1104 :  and LEA-EBAM :


Main objective

The objective of the workshop is to offer to students, academic and industrial scientists the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the fundamentals and applications of the effects of pulsed electric fields. The Workshop will not only attract experts in electroporation but also experts in other fields of research, such as imaging and microbiology in order to promote fruitful discussions.

Topics of the Workshop :

Spores electroeradication

Macromolecules in strong electric fields

Imaging electric field effects



FINAL Deadline for Flash presentation and Poster abstracts submission March 29th, 2015


Registration Fees

Researchers and Permanent position : 180 € TTC

PhD students and Post-doc : 90 € TTC


Registration Payment

Please go to AZUR-COLLOQUE CNRS website for the payment :

Credit card : immediate payment

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